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Animated visuals

Animating your visuals for impact

Peppermint Spain has always prided itself as a creative agency as well as excelling at marketing and advertising on the Costa del Sol and we have a highly talented graphics design team who all enjoy going that bit further for our clients. We understand the impact of strong visuals, and we also know that when we animate them, consumers respond even better. Blogs and social media are the perfect marketing channels to use animation, and here’s why.

They are eye-catching

As people scan their social media feeds, they’re making lightning-fast decisions about what content they’ll pay attention to. In this context, animated visuals add a little bit of movement that can attract the eye and add value in a short, snappy way. Animation is simply combining drawings, photographs, text, or computer graphics to make them move, it doesn’t have to be as complex as a Walt Disney film.

Most popular formats

There aren’t really formal descriptions for types of animation, but there are styles that you’ll see frequently on Instagram and other channels. For example, you can have a one-to-three-second animation with a static background, but animated text. Then there are GIFs, which are a silent animated loop often used to convey a feeling. GIFs have become hugely popular on social media and have started appearing in blog posts and emails but have also spread to messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. However, GIFs need to be used sparingly because their rapid, oscillating movement can become irritating. Another popular format is video, with videos of 3-to-10 seconds working well, especially on Snapchat and Instagram.

There are many tools available now to create animated messaging, you can even do it on a smartphone with Adobe Spark. For longer videos we prefer Ripl and Legend. For example, with Ripl we can upload up to eight images, add text, and create a slideshow that the app will convert into a video. For example, a personal trainer might want to show how to do a simple exercise or a real estate agent could showcase different homes. This type of slideshow is perfect for Instagram and Facebook videos.

It is easier and faster than ever now to add a touch of flair to emailers and social media messaging and blogs with a bit of animation. Peppermint Spain can offer you its creative agency expertise and make sure you get noticed.

Come and have a no obligations chat with us about how Peppermint Spain can help your business and brand with graphic design. Mail jade@peppermintcreate.com or call on +34 951 316 553.