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3 Tips for Creating Landing Pages that Convert

At Peppermint we produce a significant number of websites for our clients. We discuss their business at length and what they want to achieve. Then we think about the design, the right font, the business logo, and, of course, we work on the page content. When it comes to website landing pages, we know that first impressions count, and that when a visitor lands, we want them to stay, and we also may want them to take certain actions, such as leave their email address and other information.

Arrival from Google Adwords
Your website visitors usually arrive at your page via a number of routes; it could be Google Adwords, social media or some other form of promotional campaign. If your landing pages are optimised in a way that makes them user-friendly, you are much more likely to find that visitors do what you want, and that it’s a more effective way of achieving conversions, than pushing traffic to the page.

Landing page optimisation
Focus your optimisation efforts on your landing pages and you’ll hopefully find that your audience engagement increases, you generate more leads and your visitors follow your calls to action. What’s more, given that landing pages are often based on design templates, when you find a winning formula, reproduce it on other landing pages and you should see even more improvements. So, what are the ingredients needed to build a well-optimised landing page that gives you a high conversion rate? We have three tips for you.

1. Compatilbility and context
Essentially this means that the landing page matches the expectations of the visitor based on their previous contact with your business, whether they clicked through to the site from Facebook, an online ad or some other channel. To achieve this experience, make sure your page has the following:
• A clear headline that contains your value proposition
• The design should mirror the design of the channel they’ve arrived from
• ONLY have 1 message, 1 value proposition and 1 CTA on a landing page. Don’t pack the page, or you’ll confuse the visitor and hinder conversions.

2. Trust and value
Make sure the page uses compelling copy that clearly articulates the value and supports the credibility of the offering. Make sure the visitor knows what’s in it for them. For example, if you want them to sign up for your newsletter, don’t just ask them to register, offer them something in return for registering, e.g. you’ll receive the latest updates, case studies from industry leaders, VIP invitations…that kind of thing.

3. Make it easy, keep it simple
The design and user journey on your page should be so simple to follow that they ‘convert’ in seconds. They should never have to wonder where they go next? Nor should they have to jump through hoops to find what they’re looking for. Use attention-grabbing graphics to draw your visitors to your Call to Action and make sure the button you want them to click on is large enough. Keep your CTA button close to the form you want them to fill in as it draws your readers’ eyes to both at the same time.

These are the main tips, but we’d also suggest that you experiment with different imagery to see which ones evoke the best emotional response. Also, experiment with form fields and keep them as simple as possible; you can always ask for more information later. Also, make sure the visitor knows exactly what information you’re asking them for; you don’t want them to face the kind of confusion people often feel when they fill in official forms. Keep it simple, keep it clear and you’ll have created landing pages that convert more visitors.

Need help with your landing pages? Contact Jade Thompson at Peppermint Full Service Marketing and Design Agency for a chat about the services we offer. 
Call +34 951 316 553 or email: info@peppermintcreate.com